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Sullivan University uses the Dewey Decimal classification system for its call numbers. This number can be thought of like an address for a house or the URL for a website. It is how you find the item on the shelf.

  • This number is on all items on a sticker on either the side or the front of the item.

  • The range of numbers found on each shelf is on a sign on the ends.

  • The number for items can be found by searching the library's catalog, found on the website.
  1. Go to the website:
  2. Click the button for 'books', 'E-Books', or click and type in the search box near the center of the page.

  3. If you have clicked either button then you should see the homepage for the catalog.

  4. If you searched you should see a list of possible results. 

  5. Once you get to a results list the title will be the links to the full record.
  6. In the full record you will look for and click the link on the left for 'All copies'. 

  7. Once the screen refreshes, you should see a box with a Shelf Location near the center of the screen. This will be the call number, note the Collection as well as this will tell you which location in the system the item is located (or if it is an e-book)